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NA1 Software Suite

The N0. 1 is there for a reason...

The netaccess software suite is the No.1 choice for a wide range of customers across the world

Access Control

Providing flexible entry and egress control of doors, elevators, gates and turnstiles with powerful schedule plans and distributed intelligent remote controllers, netaccess Access Control incorporates all elements a user would expect from a modern system together with a range of innovative functions.

Entrance Solutions

Automatic Airlock/Mantrap Sally Port
Entry System - the ultimate in control
for entry to secure installations


The advance NA1 ANPR system provides integrated automatic number plate reading operating with the NA1 software suite.

 Asset Tracking

Available in any configuration, with or without internal RFID tracking, for use by organizations that issue property assets or items to staff, or require items to be declared and held before entering a designated area. Designed to suit a range of environments.

Biometric Guard Track

netaccess guard tracking provides a powerful verification and tracking tool for managing guard activity, duties, and time & attendance. Used in a wide number of environments the NA1 tracking modules are a proven solution offering flexibility in deployment and powerful system management and reporting options for modern guard force management



 Weapons Tracking

netaccess Weapons Tracking System (WTS) has been developed to meet the requirements of a modern armory and is deployed for both military and law enforcement.

 Container Tracking

Camera Based Container Tracking

The advanced NA1 ACCR system provides integrated automatic container code recognition operating with the NA1 software suite.


NA1 RFID module is used in a wide range of environments and applications.


The netaccess range of UVSS systems leads the market in ease of installation, deployment and reliability, and, for this reason, the netaccess UVSS is now the preferred choice for a wide range of military, law-enforcement and commercial customers.




Biometrics technology is now widely used in the Access Control environment. netaccess provides the customer with a wide range of fingerprint entry readers.

IP over Powerline

PPC Ethernet IP over existing power cable infrastructure provides a significantly reduced-cost IP network for use as part of Security, Building management and Metering systems