netaccess integrates with all RFID Technology

NA1 RFID module is used in a wide range of environments and applications, including:

• Asset tracking
• People tracking
• Weapons tracking
• Computer tracking
• Inventory tracking
• Aviation baggage tracking
• Data tape tracking
• Trolley tracking
• Security systems
• Secure mail tracking
• Facility management
• People flow control

 EVC3 - RFID Interface
The netaccess EVC3 controller provides unrivalled functionality and interface capability.
In addition to full distributed intelligence and multiple levels of secure encryption,
the EVC3 allows the control of any type of RFID reader on a wide range of system interfaces,
including IP, Wiegand, USB, RS232 and RS485/422.
Volume Count
A Volume function provides
real-time volume of tags
(people/assets) in any area at
any given time. This function
can be used for facilities
and support planning, or
inventory and stock control.
Dependent upon frequency and technology type, RFID tags are available
in a wide range of packages.
Passive tag The tag is made up of a silicon chip and an antenna.
Active tag The tag is made up of a silicon chip, an antenna and a battery.
Enclosed reader Made up of a single device reader, including transmitting and receiving antenna.
Modular reader Made up of the core reader technology connected to a separate antenna or antennas.
Master antenna Some modular readers require a master tuning unit to calibrate the remote antenna.
Slave antenna Some modular readers, where using a second or more antennas, require that any additional
antenna is controlled by a slave/master control system.
Antenna multiplexer Allows multiple antennas to be connected to a single reader.
Passive technology Read ranges: 3cm - 4 meters.
Active technology Read ranges: 1 meter - global.
Pre-encoded Read only - each tag has a pre-encoded single serial number or bit format.
One time encodable Encode once, read many times.
Read/write Encode once, write many times.

A wide range of tags available to suit all your needs