The advanced NA1ANPR module 

provides integrated automatic number plate reading operating with the NA1 software suite, integrating, access control, asset tracking systems and utilising the world leading AR engine the software provides;

  • Extremely high accuracy rate
  • Rapid speed image processing
  • Multi language
  • Analogue camera interface
  • IP camera interface
  • Distributed intelligence


ANPR Options

The software module has several license options:
1. Continuous Read - Every vehicle plate that enters the read area of the image is processed
2. Single Entry (this allows one image per 2 secs to be processed - an external input is also required to initiate the read).


Speed of Read

The software can execute continuous licence plate reading even at vehicle speeds of up to 250km/h.


Image Quality

The quality of the video image being processed must be of a suitable quality, and whilst normal camera images can be processed, it is recommended that speciality ANPR cameras be used where the highest level of accuracy is required. The NA1ANPR camera range has been specifically designed, tested and proven to provide images suitable for the highest levels of ANPR.


ANPR Cameras

All models are designed to capture quality images for fast and accurate OCR processing. The NA1-FXCAM camera family is ideally suited to both continuous read (ANPR+) and Single Entry (ANPRlite) and have been used in a wide range of ANPR environments including:

  • Site reporting
  • Traffic control
  • Motorways
  • Traffic-light enforcement
  • Congestion
  • Access control
  • Parking and parking management