Netaccess sets new standards with extensive system features that allow the Security, Building and IT Manager to totally integrate all aspects of the modern building or organization. netaccess modules incorporate Computer Access, Internet Access, Time & Attendance and Asset Management, as well as Engineer Call Center functionality. These system modules, together with the introduction of Event Planning and ERP (Emergency Response Planning), allow managers to control and integrate a whole range of diverse systems. Supporting the netaccess system modules is a powerful report generator and a unique netaccess profiler. The netaccess range provides a powerful solution to the ever demanding need to control and monitor an organization’s security.


Access Control

Providing flexible entry and egress control of doors, elevators, gates and turnstiles with powerful schedule plans and distributed intelligent remote controllers, netaccess Access Control incorporates all elements a user would expect from a modern system together with many innovative functions, such as User Holiday Plans - where access is prevented for cardholders when they are on holiday, and Security Level Allocation - where access to an area can be set by group, individual rights or security level.

EVC3 Controller

The netaccess intelligent EVC3 Event Controller provides the low-cost integration of access control readers,RFID, alarm inputs, outputs, audio intercom and elevator control with the netaccess NA1 software suite.

netaccess - System Features and Options
User database functions include:

• Access control • Emergency event program
• Visitor management • Hardware profiling
• Alarm zones • Alarm handling/monitoring
• Cardholder database • Multi-language
• Computer access • Cardholder groups
• Time and attendance • Cardholder import/export
• Guard tour • Door zones
• Asset/people tracking • Time/holiday zones
• CCTV • Site plans
• Event management • Report generation
• Photo ID • Audit trail
• Contractor management • Distributed processing
• Room booking • Computer booking
• Operator management • Internet access
• IP Intercom • Number plate recognition (ANPR)


The netaccess Benefit:

• Higher security
• Greater control
• Reduced administration
• Increased reliability
• Higher return on asset usage
• Lower maintenance costs
• Cost-effective solutions

Remote Reader Interface (RRI)



The RRi-1 is designed to control a single reader with software-selectable format control together with 4 inputs and a 2-programmable relay output.


The RRi-2 provides the same-platform control of 2 readers, 8 alarm inputs and 4 relay outputs.


R-I/O Board
The R-I/O Board provides 16 inputs and 16 outputs when connected to an EVC3. These inputs and outputs are totally user configurable and provide I/O capability of 512 inputs and 512 outputs.