Asset Tracking
The netaccess Automatic Locker System


is available in any configuration, with or without internal RFID tracking, for use by organizations that issue property assets or items to staff, or require items to be declared and held before entering a designated area. The NA1 EVC3 ALS control can be retro-fitted to existing lockers or built to meet the requirements of specific assets or areas. Designed to suit a range of environments, the netaccess ALS can be utilized for any assets, including:


    Data tapes
    Radio units


The netaccess Asset Holding System is a powerful and accurate, automated system for the secure issue and management of inventory and items that can, when linked with the netaccess Asset Tracking System (ATS), provide audit trails and reports.




    Issue Asset
    Store Asset
    Auto Issue
    Auto Return (RFID)
    RFID Monitor





With many years of experience in selecting and working with RFID for some of the largest organizations in the world in a wide range of environments, netaccess selects and advises on the best frequency, tag and reader type for any inventory or RFID application. Our experience includes working with airlines, military, sports, commerce and banking.





RFID Monitor

With optional internal RFID readers in all or selected lockers, the system can continuously monitor the presence of assets or identify automatically what asset has been taken when numerous items are stored in a single locker or draw.




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Swipe card for access


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Touchscreen selection


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Access requested asset


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Log out of system