netaccess is a comprehensive IP-based security management system. Based on Microsoft Windows®, netaccess
integrates Access Control, Alarm Monitoring, CCTV, Photo ID, Stadia, Data Management, Network Management
and much more. netaccess is powered by netaccess management software. At the heart of the supporting
hardware is the EVC Controller, which provides the base for additional modules.

A Changing World
In the late 1960s, Access Control Systems were
developed to control and monitor the access and
movement of personnel throughout buildings. CCTV
was rarely used, the Internet as we know it today was
but a dream, computers were in their infancy and
mobile phones belonged to science fiction. Since then, the
world and technology have experienced dramatic change.
Client expectations, together with the overall integration
of security solutions, have, subsequently, changed too.

The Modern Requirement
In the 21st century, security requirements encompass
many dynamic and integrated areas, including:
• Door access • Security alarms
• IT access • IT alarms
• Building control • Fire alarms
• Communications


The ability to manage and control these diverse and
integrated systems challenges today's system and
security designers. It is a necessity to provide integrated
response and monitoring.

netaccess 21st Century Security
netaccess provides a fully integrated security solution
capable of meeting this challenge. netaccess integrates
both traditional security systems, such as access control
and CCTV, with innovative computer access control and
monitoring, linked to modern IT and communications.
This dynamic 21st-century response system provides
today's system manager and user with an extensive
range of powerful alarm-management tools, incorporating
Operator Instruction, Computer Messaging, SMS, Email
and dynamic door/computer access.

Access Control
Providing flexible entry and egress control of doors, elevators,
gates and turnstiles with powerful schedule plans and distributed
intelligent remote controllers, netaccess Access Control
incorporates all elements a user would expect from a modern system
together with many innovative functions, such as User Holiday Plans
- where access is prevented for cardholders when
they are on holiday, and Security Level Allocation - where access
to an area can be set by group, individual rights or security level.

Visitor Management
All visitors can be logged into the Security System together with
images of the visitor and any supporting documents (ID, Passport
etc). Users can pre-book visitors, with the details appearing on
a day log in the reception/gatehouse.

Alarm Management
netaccess provides a flexible Alarm Management module, which
incorporates active graphics with zooming, prioritized alarm
display and operator programmed alarm response, combined with
system, communication and virtual action items.


Emergency Response Program (ERP)
With a continual threat of terrorism or major disruption, the
netaccess Disaster/Major Event control allows the systems
configuration or ERP to be changed and reinvented with just
one mouse click. ERP functionality allows the system
administrator to pre-program the Security System and IT
System Operation for a range of scenarios. Each scenario is set
up as a Master Plan and can be triggered automatically or
manually. The whole system will then operate according to
a new set of rules.
An example of this would be a fire alarm - the system could be
programmed to restrict fire wardens’ access to specific areas,
allow egress on all main doors, logoff all PC clients, flash
an ‘Evacuate’ warning message on all PCs, or logoff the user and
prevent access until the alarm event is cleared.

Computer Access Control
Securing an IT network and the physical building has always been
achieved through multiple systems. This reduces functionality and
is open to abuse. netaccess is able to monitor users throughout
a building, authorize login to a PC and provide an automatic
logoff once a user leaves the site. Using this module, the system can
control and log usage of all PC clients on the network and link
this to door access control. With the Computer Access flag
checked, any PC user must have entered the building via Access
Control prior to logging on. Upon leaving the building, if the user
has forgotten to logoff, the system would automatically logoff.
Internet access can be restricted to certain times of the day
and switched on/off as part of any security event.

Time & Attendance
T&A reporting and specific attendance, reports can be generated
detailing on-site and off-site times and hours totaled for the
report period. Using Access Mode Codes, specific codes can be
assigned to events, such as ‘going to lunch’. Specific exception
reports can also be generated; for example, to detail any user who
worked in excess of 48 hours between given periods.

Guard Tour
Online or remote reader points can be predetermined on the
system with programmed tours. Deviation from route or a delay in
reaching specific points can be programmed to generate alarms.
Variable ‘forgive’ times can be configured and a range of ‘tours’
allocated to specific guards or shifts. Associated system technology
tours can be configured including CCTV and offline reader tag points
(proximity or active).

Contractor Management
Specific contractors can be set up on asset items and reports
generated to gauge their performance in terms of maintenance
and repair times on listed faults.

Room/Computer Booking
Meeting rooms or computers can be pre-booked for a specific
user or groups at set times. An option is available to allow
booking via a client’s intranet, and also to show availability.
When allocated a room or computer, access will only be granted
to the authorized person or group.

Operator Management
Full operator division is configurable on the system, whereby an
operator will only be allowed to logon at pre-set times and
manage within their privilege rights. All operator actions
are stored on the system, which means specific operator reports
can be generated.

Communication Action Items
A range of pre-programmed communication messages can be
set up and allocated to events/alarms according to time of
day/day of week etc. The message format can include email,
SMS, pager etc. For example, in the event of a Tamper Alarm
being set off, an automatic email could be sent to the security
controller and a text message to the site engineer.

Regional Servers
The system supports peer-to-peer servers, allowing local
and/or remote server connection. In the event that the
remote server fails, local control would still be available.

Multi Language Support
Multiple languages can be configured on the system so that
each language module, event or system message can be
configured to the appropriate language. Operators are set up
with a ‘home’ language so that all messages will appear on
their terminal in their designated language. In addition, where
LCD panels are used with readers, the system will recognize
a card according to the cardholder’s language and display the
Access Message in the local language.

Elevator Control (Low or High Level)
Elevators can be configured on the system and controlled via
either relay panels or RS232/RS485 (high level). A cardholder
presents their card in the lift car, and only floors where
the cardholder’s access rights are valid will be accessible.

Engineering Mode
Each unit on the system can be set to Engineer mode, with
alarms enabled or disabled (sent to engineer log only). This
function prevents hundreds of alarms being generated during
routine or specific maintenance.

Computer Specification
Front end server                    Operating Database SQL 7.0+/Oracle 8.0+
Operating systems                Windows 2000/2003/2008/XP/XPE/
                                                  Vista/Windows 7
Domains                                  Unlimited
netaccess                              Full feature client control
Log                                            18,400 events/Mb reports relational
Regional servers                    Unlimited
Work stations                         Unlimited
Operators (concurrent)        Subject to licence

Site Plans
Site plans                                 Unlimited
CCTV inputs                            Bosch/DM/Pelco/Mobotix

Remote Units
EVC2 / EVC3                          20,000
EVC2A / EVC3A                    20,000
Dial-up EVC3                         20,000
Card readers                           40,000
Alarm inputs                          500,000
Alarm outputs                        500,000

Alarm Image Storage
Increment security level     Master plans - unlimited
Usage profiles                       Net / door / alarm / CCTV / operator

Card range                             1 to 99,999,999
Ticket range                          1 to 99,999,999
Cards per user                      5
Images per cardholder       Unlimited
Issue levels                            1 to 99
Biometric profiles                10 usage (audio / finger / facial / retina)
Vehicle profiles                     5
PIN numbers                        1, 4, 7 digit
Access mode codes              32 user defined

Access zones                                Unlimited access schedules
365*No. zones alarm zones      Unlimited alarm zone schedules
365*No. zones alarm response profiles       100,000

CCTV interface                     Via API

As many organizations standardize on either Microsoft SQL or Oracle
databases, netaccess has been designed to operate within either

Operating System Support
netaccess operates on the Microsoft 2003 Server, MS2008 Server, XP
Professional, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8

netaccess - Bringing Security to a Single Point
netaccess sets new standards with extensive system features that,
for the first time, allow the Security, Building and IT Manager to
totally integrate all aspects of the modern building or organization.
netaccess modules incorporate Computer Access, Internet Access,
Time & Attendance and Asset Management, as well as Engineer
Call Center functionality. These system modules, together with
the introduction of Event Planning and ERP (Emergency
Response Planning), allow managers to control and integrate
a whole range of diverse systems. Supporting the netaccess
system modules is a powerful report generator and a unique
netaccess profiler.
The netaccess range provides a powerful solution to the everdemanding
need to control and monitor an organization’s security.

The netaccess Benefit:
• Higher security
• Greater control
• Reduced administration
• Increased reliability
• Higher return on asset usage
• Lower maintenance costs
• Cost-effective solutions

The netaccess Systems Experience
netaccess systems have been developed over a number of years. The
EVC product range is used to control access for millions of people in
organizations, public places and sports stadia all over
the world. The netaccess Computer Access module is used in
universities to dynamically control and monitor PC and Internet
usage. The netaccess Image module is used to generate countless
ID cards. And the netaccess Tracker module is used in airports for
passenger tracking.

The netaccessWarranty
All netaccess systems are backed by a comprehensive warranty
including two years for hardware and one-year inclusive software

netaccess - System Features and Options
User database functions include:
• Access control • Emergency event program
• Visitor management • Hardware profiling
• Alarm zones • Alarm handling/monitoring
• Cardholder database • Multi-language
• Computer access • Cardholder groups
• Time and attendance • Cardholder import/export
• Guard tour • Door zones
• Asset/people tracking • Time/holiday zones
• CCTV • Site plans
• Event management • Report generation
• Photo ID • Audit trail
• Contractor management • Distributed processing
• Room booking • Computer booking
• Operator management • Internet access
• IP Intercom • Number plate recognition (ANPR)

Asset Tracking
The system provides full details of all assets linked or programmed
into the system, including Type, Serial Number and Maintenance
Period, with automatic warnings in the event that maintenance is
overdue. Additionally, photographs can be stored of each asset,
together with a historic and engineer log.

People Tracking
A fast and simple tracking module, whereby any system user or user
group can be ‘tagged’, means that any and all movements through
the system readers or computers can be followed instantly. In
addition, track exceptions can be set up with a range of associated
‘event alarms’ and action items programmed; for example, when Joe
Smith is on site and sends an email to Mike Davies.


Any modern high-level CCTV
controller/matrix that has
either an i/p or RS232 interface
can be linked to the netaccess
system, including camera and
VCR/DVR recording control.
Specific icons can be configured
on the system equipment
hardware tree and allocated to
a graphics plan. Right-clicking on any CCTV icon will allow active
viewing and control of the selected device.

Event Management – netaccess Stadia
netaccess Stadia provides an integrated ticketing system with
stadium access control capable of controlling a wide range of eventplanning
modules. System features include multi-event, season
ticket and back-office functions.

Photo - ID
The netaccess image module allows the complete design and
production of ID Cards using dye sublimation or re-transfer card
printers. The card design module incorporates double-side card
design and a full range of imaging effects.


Hardware Profiling
This advanced feature allows the system administrator or
maintenance engineer to identify types of alarms or events on
a system over a designated period. System functions include
reports to identify the most activated device by alarm priority.

Operator Program Alarm Response (OPAR)
• Pre-defined operator sequential instruction
• Telephone list
• Confirm operator actions
• Change master plan
• Display auto actions (relays, messages etc)
• Go to graphics
• Go to CCTV
• Cardholder locate

The netaccess system incorporates a comprehensive Reports
module, which can generate a wide range of standard reports,
• Cardholder report • Cardholder activity
• Operator activity • Asset usage
• Time and attendance report • Evacuation report
• Exception report

In addition, the system incorporates a straightforward report
writer wizard, which allows specific reports to be configured as
well as generated automatically (by time/date/day/event),
using an ‘auto-report’ function, and emailed to a specific
address or addresses.

Program Logic Control (PLC)
With PLC functionality it is possible to configure an unlimited
range of automatic conditional events together with automatic
changes on the system. An example of this would be if
a cardholder required specific training to enter an area and
the training had expired - access to the designated area could
automatically be removed until the training flag had been reset.

netaccess - Event Controller
The netaccess EVC3 Event Controller is the intelligent field
controller, providing the low-cost, flexible integration of
Access Control readers, alarm inputs, outputs and elevator
control into the netaccess Security Management System.
The netaccess EVC incorporates:
• On-board memory
expansion module
• Slot expansion module


Distributed Intelligence and Data Storage
With the total database for the whole 365-day, 24-hour
setup of every connected device stored on board, the
netaccess EVC3 provides a totally intelligent solution for
today’s security requirements. Irrespective of the status
of the communications network, the netaccess EVC3
will continue to operate as programmed. Incorporating an
on-board, real-time clock, millions of events can be logged
and downloaded when communications are restored.