Enhanced Security Pedestrian Gate (ESPG)


Automatic Airlock/Mantrap Sally Port
Entry System - the ultimate in control
for entry to secure installations

Interlock Board
The interlock control prevents both doors from being opened
simultaneously in any condition.

Reader Interface
Allows any reader - Barcode, Wiegand, RS232, RS485 - to be
connected and data to be transmitted to the central
control software.

Battery Backup
The internal power supply with battery backup provides integral
support in the event of a mains power failure.

NA1 TriSys was originally developed by netaccess to meet the
requirements of the US military for single-person entry on to
military installations. The TriSys utilizes a minimum of 3
technologies to ensure only a single person enters the secure area
via the airlock. An important aspect of TriSys is that it does not rely
upon a single format or technology to define if a tailgate detection
condition exists; the logic can be configured with varying levels of
sensitivity and adjusted to the specific process or procedure
employed by the organization. The TriSys system uses not just
detection but process flow logic to support and prevent access
against the defined security profile, including the interlock.

User Feedback - Video and Audio
The entry system uses multiple traffic lights with complete user
feedback on entry, exit, when required to wait or out of use. In
addition, the entry process is supported with a video display and
audio instructions.

Internal and external low-light CCTV with integral infrared
illumination linked to either an internal or remote DVR/NVR.

Hands-free, vandal-proof intercom units with either IP audio or
PABX-compliant phone units.

Ergonomic Design
Designed to meet ARA standards and with specific thought given to
ease of use. Ramp door entries, curved floor edges and no flat shelf
areas prevent the accumulation of debris and rubbish. A curved roof
ensures rain, snow and ice are diverted away from the door areas.

Power Doors - Option
The ESPG can be fitted with either slide or swing-powered doors to
allow for hands-free opening.

External and internal lighting with low-energy high-bright LED
lamps, and an integral photocell that switches on automatically
during low light.

All control equipment and additional components are accessible via
tamperproof locked access panels.

Additional options include smoke detection, internal view mirrors
and anti-slip flooring.

General Specification


Size: Available to any custom size
Power:   110/220v
Battery backup: To 12 hours
Construction: Dual-skin stainless steel
Colour: Federal standard or RAL
Windows Glass, lexon, strengthened, wire reinforced
Doors: Steel sandwich
Locks: Failsafe or fail secure
Floor: Non-slip steel with rubberized mat
CCTV:  Multi camera interior, external

Barcode, biometric, FIPS201, Mifare DESFIRE